Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oct 23, 2008 - Sorry, I cannot think of a clever title for my letter like Hna. Yeates. haha.

Hola mi famila,
Como le va. At least I can greet people in Spanish. haha. Yes, Spanish is still so very difficult. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know that one day I will catch on. Things are going pretty well, like I said spanish is a little rough. But I think I am really in the swing of things. We went proselyting again on Saturday and we did much much better than before. I enjoyed it. It was so exciting we were able to give 2 book of mormons away and made 2 appts. and one almost appt. We were going to teach lesson 1 but we need to give the contacts to the area missionaires, because they can visit more often we can only do it on saturday. But we are visiting the one lady, Connie, Saturday. We practiced a little presentation that we gave when we talked to people and we were a lot more bold. I basically greeted people and introduced us and later bore my testimony of the book of mormon. I did not really understand anything, but I smiled a lot. haha. Hna Yeates said she understood like 70 percent which was great and she taught a bit more. Hna. Orme is the best and does most of it. Even I don't understand it was still really neat. I really cannot wait to pick up the spanish so I can really teach and really understand people and be more helpful. The latin employees and missionaires laugh at my red face when I get back from proselyting because of the heat and my cherry sunburn face, it is pretty funny but worth it. The weather is gorgeous here we had a huge crazy storm and the day was dark almost the whole time, it was really wierd. I love going to the temple each week, it is so pretty. We were finally able to take pictures sunday. The latin group of missionaries left this week which was super sad and we had some new missionaires this week some more north americans elders and sister but mostly latins. Yesterday, we had a district goal to talk only in Spanish the whole day everywhere, it was a pretty quiet day and we got really good at charades. haha. Hey Joseph congrats on being a stud, enjoy the dances. You will be proud of me we have a ping pong table here and the elders love it so I do not ever really play but yesterday I finally challenged on the elders in my district who loves ping pong and is a major stud athlete and basically I destroyed him. 3 games 3 skunks. haha. Your teaching has helped me. I need to learn how to slam it though and be more aggressive, they told me I am a really good defensive player. haha.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the packages, I got the conference one last week and the 2 packages of treats tuesday. My companions love the talks and so do I, I love to study them and read them. There are so many great talks Thanks so much for the notes, they make me so happy. They say thanks. Everyone thinks I have the coolest family in the world 4 packages in the 3 weeks. When I recieved the two from customs it felt like Christmas. I was so grateful the chocolate made it okay, the only thing that melted was the jolly ranchers. The chocolate really is a lifesavor. haha. I usually eat some after a nasty meal. People think of me as a chocolate girl or something. haha. THANK YOU!!! I SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT!!! I hope all is well and happy!! Thanks for your prayers. I am so happy the MTC is going well for you Mom, and traveling for you Dad and your calling. You should send me your testimony in spanish when you bear it in novemeber. I love hearing how things are going. TE AMO!!!!
Con Amor, Tiffani

P.S. Nicole Curtis sent me a email, crazy bonkers huh, it was really nice. Thanks for the email everyweek they make my day. NOTES TO SIBLINGS. Nikki, where are your notes I saw you wrote my companion the first week but what about me. I know your busy. its okay. Thanks for the faithful writing Joseph and the for the 1.5 emails from you Stefi. I love hearing from you all. I hope you got my letters earlier. Happy week!!!

(Note: Nikki has been sending email to Tiffani's email from her first email...that was an incorrect address and the correct one is on this site)

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