Friday, October 3, 2008

I Am Here

Hola Family,
They let me e-mail you finally because the internet was now in the computer lab. After a long flight, we rode a bus to the MTC which is really close to the airport. We had some sort of orientation that I think went over my head because I was so tired. I really like my companions, Hermana Yeates and Hermana Orme. They had Hermana Orme come early so we are a threesome. There are only 3 american sisters in the whole place with a max of 16 total sisters so we are definitely the minority. The food is okay, they do not believe sugar and so I am really glad for the treats you gave me. They served a rice stew for lunch which was a lot better than the fish we had for dinner. I filled on up veggies and rolls dipped in vinegar and oil. We only have 45 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes at bed time all to ourselves and that is the only time I can go to my room. It seems really hard and I am pretty scared, I am really grateful for the letters and the support you gave me at the airport. I love you very much and miss you. This is going to be my e-mail address. My p-days are Thursdays. The temple is so gorgeous. I will not able to send pictures soon because we are only allowed to take pictures one sunday the entire time we are here. I love you again. Thanks again for everything. I will write you next Thursday.
Con Amor, Tiffani

P.S. I have the wrong plug for my convertor is there anyway you could send me the one for australia and china with diagonal plugs.

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Vonda said...

That poem is awesome she did a great job.
Thank you for posting the pictures of Sister Yeates and Sister mohrman at the gates of the airport. I was so glad that you were able to go to the gates with our daughters and the pictures were so good to see I really enjoyed them. I was so glad that we were able to meet your family at the airport what a great family. Sister Mohrman is a wonderful and sweet young lady and I am so glad that she is going to be Analey's compainion at the MTC I think they will be good for each other at this tuff time trying to adjust to food and no english. Thanks for posting her e-mail it is fun to be able to read both the e-mails. I was glad that you gave me your information I would like to stay in touch with you. I have included my information for you as well. Thanks again
Vonda Yeates