Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16th 2008

Hola everyone...I can not believe it has been 2 weeks. It seems like it has been months since I have seen you. It is weird, time goes very fast and very slow. I just have to say spanish is tough business. I am impressed with everyone who learns a language. I have good teachers who help, but I am just super slow. Memorizing is really hard for me. every friday we have milestones or like tests and we usually have to pass off english and spanish stuff. We are still on lesson one. Very tough. I eat a lot of chocolate to keep me sane. suprise suprise. My companions think I am willy wonka or something. We are all chocoholics, I exposed them to fine eurpopean chocolate and I do not think they{ll ever be the same. haha. I was able to go to the temple last thursday and it is beautfiul. It was wierd listening with headphones because it was in spanish. On Saturday we went tracting about twenty minutes away from the temple. We had to talk to the people. My companion H. Orme knows a lot of spanish and she helped a lot. But we were pretty chicken and not as bold as we should have been. But it was an eye opener and for me. Plus most argentines and uruguayan my teacher tells me don't like americans. But we still should have tried harder. We learned a lot and set goals for next week. It was funny how people recognize us missionaries and try as fast as they can to get away from us. On Sunday we watched Mountain of the Lord which I loved and I had never seen and I was grateful I received my endowments from SLC. We also had sunday nap. really great. On Monday Elder Civic and his wife from the 1st quorum of the seventy presidency and his wife spoke to us. They were so sweet. They shook all our hands and when I introduced my self he asked if I was a mormon, it was kind of funny. His wife was so sweet she sat by me and she translated a little bit for me, so nice. He spoke in Spanish but the presentation was in English and so I understood some. On Tuesday Elder Nelson came and his wife and the Cvics and they recognized me. When I shook their hands and Hermana Civic kissed me on the cheek. All the missionaries sang for him This is the Christ in Spanish with an elder accompanying on the violin it was powerful. Elder Nelson was really brief but gave us an amazing apostolic blessing to all of us missionaries. He promised these blessings, that we{ll be safe, that we will lose ourselves in the service of our Lord, that our families will draw closer to the Lord through my service, and that we can become true disciples of Jesus Christ. Truly incredible. The spirit was so strong. It was a great blessing to listen to Elder Nelson and Elder Civic and their kind wives. I hope I can be faithful to receive those blessings. There is a neat spirit here, also an intense pressure but I know it is a privilege to be here. Thank you so much for the prayers, love, support, emails, and words of encouragement. They help so much. I hope all is well. I love you and I miss you. Con Amor, Tiffani

P.S. I got notes saying I have 2 packages in customs. Thank you so much. The President said we actually might get them. If we pay for the taxes. which wont be very much. I will let you know if I get them. also, the rule about food has changed so I eat it alot and it helps, so if you do send anything I can keep it and eat it. My companions and I love the Lindt balls. heehee. Thanks again for the other package, they have some good sauces down here so I doctor my food up a lot my companions laugh at me. We have had some awesome steak and potatoes. I hope you get my letters. I sent one to stefi through argentina mail so she gets stamps I hope she gets it. We also have an address change down here just more detailed to send letters and stuff.

Hermana Tiffani Mohrman
Argentina MTC
Bonpland 2349-55
(C1425 FWE) Buenos Aires

Thanks so much I love you and I love the support and news from home. Happy week. Talk to you later....Te Amo...I will let you know about letters and packages I receive.

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Mary Brown said...

Hope you don't mind, but I have been checking your blog. My son is in the group of missionaries with your daughter. My husband set up a website for him, too at: If you click the right top button, you can read his emails. It is amazing to be a missionary mom!