Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9th, 2008

I appreciate so much the emails, it is so nice to be loved. This week has actually gone by pretty fast. I want to say some business first before I get into it before I forget. I only have 30 minutes to do email and I can not print anything. It times me out. Also, they said all e'mails need to come through someones account and then to me. I do not know why. Also, I cannot have food in my rooms so please do not send me food, so I can be obedient. We can use the pouch system so could you please send me some USA stamps it will be cheaper. I am only sending a few letters this week to test the Argentina system. I hope all is well. Things are pretty good here. The MTC here reminds me of the apt. we stayed in Europe by the temple so they are really nice. The food has also improved. no more fish. I get to do a session today. So I am excited. On Saturdays we will do proselyting on the temple grounds and in the visitor centers so that will be funny especially with me not knowing spanish. My companion Heremana Orme knows a lot of spanish and she talks a lot me and Hermana Yeates just listen and are grateful she can communicate. We already had to practice part of the first lesson on the temple grounds with people on there and it was scarey to say the least. But I can bear my testimonio is spanish a very small one, but I did that and that was cool. I also learned to pray and say the first lesson although I cannot remember anything when I need it. Oh well I will keep plugging away at this spanish business. haha. On sunday we had the sacrament and an hour and half testimony meeting which was neat. I even bore my testmony, which I am sure will shock everyone who knows me. I was one of 3 who did in english everyone else did in spansh. These young whipper snapper elders sure pick it up fast. Us hermanas are the first 3 north americans sisters at this MTC ever and we{re the only ones here now. Definite minority. That was cool. Conference was really neat and my favorite talks were Elder Uchtdorfs and Elder Hollands. Really neat. I felt they were really talking to me. Us Hermanas had to watch Priesthood which turned out to be pretty neat. I like Priesthood session. Especially Elder Scotts talk. hahaha. the President and his wife Hermana Wilson are very nice and supportive. She is such a sweetheart. It is neat the Argentina flag also has a sun on it. I{m suppose to be here. I can only take pictures once every three weeks so they will come sometime. The latinos missionaries are so nice and so patient with us and they really try to talk to use and vica versa. The food is decent. We eat a lot of meat and potatoes. Which are tasty, I say decent because they don}t really feed us sugar, once in a while. But it is good. I really enjoy it. Elder Nelson is coming next Tuesday and Im so excited. We are practicing This is the Christ in Spanish to sing to him. It is hard but it is a great growing experience. I hope not only in weight. haha. Anyways, I love you all. Thank you for everything. I will write letters as much as I can. Con amor, Tiffani

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Kim said...

It looks like she is adjusting to MTC life. I think she will definately learn the language as she is so surrounded by it. If she can bear her testimony in spanish and pray in one weeks time that is great in my book!

That is pretty cool that she can say that she is one of the first sister missionaries from the states!